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A Personal Training Experience To Meet Your Specific Needs.


Jumping Into Fall Sale!
Affordable Monthly Payment Options!


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Why Train With Dia-mon-d Strong Fitness?

As a qualified personal trainer and coach, I will

motivate you to stick to your goals. I don't

promise overnight results or quick fixes; I offer

proven personally crafted training programs to

custom fit You. With hard work and patience,

you will start seeing positive results! 

You Have Options:

 In this sensitive climate, I feel it's

important to offer a variety of training

options, as well as affordable payment plans.

I understand, everyone has different needs,

and availability. I will come to you, or train you

in the D-strong gym... If you prefer

virtual/online training, I got you! Either way, I'm

here to ensure you stay committed!

Who Is Angie, The Personal Trainer?

I'm a woman of integrity. I take pride in my craft, and the hard work involved in obtaining the certifications I have. You see, I'm not that trainer, that just tells you to do 100 sit ups, or 50 squats just because! I know and understand the body's anatomy, and the mechanics of all the muscles in it. With that knowledge and expertise, I help you understand the why in every movement I guide you through. I want you to achieve long-term results, and become the best possible version of yourself. You deserve to be healthy and live a long beautiful life! Helping you get there is my pledge to you!


With Every Training Program You Can...

Look Good, Feel Good, ANYWHERE!

I create customized workouts with many exciting training styles, because each client is unique and has different goals. Keeping you motivated every step of the way is my top priority! It's so important to maintain a healthy balance of life, family and exercise. I aim to make this a little more convenient for you whether in a gym setting, online, or during a mobile visit...yes, I'll come to you! I'm here to help you be successful! Below are my most popular training options. Feel free to contact me directly for any questions you might have!


Functional Strength Training Program

For Any Fitness Level!

This unique program I’ve developed will help you burn calories, boost metabolism and improve your overall health & conditioning. You will build stamina, while building lean muscle. A combination of strategic exercises and a healthy diet will help you reach your desired goals, and then some! Click the menu icon to choose which training package is right for you! 


High Intensity / Weight Loss Training

For Any Fitness Level!

Take your workouts to the next level! This program will challenge you and change you for the better! Burn calories, by pushing your mind and body safely and effectively. I recommend this program if you have struggled to lose weight in the past, and need a change in your exercise routine. With a healthy diet, you will feel good and your body will thank you too!!

Practicing Yoga

Virtual Training Programs 

Is an online training program ideal for you? Each workout is always customized to compliment your personal goals, at home, at the office, or even outdoors!...I'm here to give you a great workout no matter where you log on! Private, always professional and very effective! Feel at ease and comfortable with my many online training programs. Click the menu icon to choose which training package is right for you!

Contact Me

Get in touch and start your fitness journey with me today. Whether virtual or in person, I'm here to empower you! Fill out the contact info below, and let's get started!

Birmingham, AL  and surrounding cities.


Thanks for submitting!


“In order to transform your body, you must transform your mind.”

Angelina, Owner Of Dia-mon-d Strong Fitness, LLC

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