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Group Training Program

Group Training Program

This is a great option for multiple training participants, such as family and friends! Includes training for up to 3 people (minimum 2). The training program consists of fat loss focused workouts / overall strength & conditioning.

Group training can help you stay motivated and committed during the workout, and provide mutual accountability between participants, A win-win!!

Programming structure:  2-3 days a week of intense training for a span of 4 to 6 weeks. Ideal for a gym setting or outdoor set up.

16 total sessions @ 45 minutes ea session. Total package price increases $32 ($512) for 3 total trainees.

2 total trainees price is listed($460). Mobile training rate will vary based on location/mileage.

*This package is eligible for an installment payment plan.

A virtual fitness assessment is required before starting any new training program.

For more information, please fill out a contact form on the home page.

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